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"... She is smart, tremendously organized and very confident in her abilities, so much so that it permeates whatever team she is working with..."
Alex Buffalo
AI Media Chair Director
"Destiny is detail oriented, and result driven. She manages projects and keeps things moving. Her peers seek her out asking to help them get results. She will always be a valuable member of any team project, as well as an excellent producer, associate producer or production manager."
Mark Sullivan
AI Digital Film Professor
"If you want a production to be efficient, Destiny is the one to hire. Every time I have worked with her the level of professionalism and detail she brings has always been a key component that I look forward into working with."
Alan Daniels
Director, Cinematographer
"Destiny is amazing to work with. I had the opportunity to work with her on two different projects; one film and her final project for college. Destiny is detail oriented, focused, calm, well prepared and extremely professional. It has always been a pleasure working with her as a photographer. Destiny has a strong work ethic and communicates very well."
Jacqueline Merveille

My Story

Descena Productions was coined in 2009 from my pen name as a fanfiction writer, Descena, and my desire to become a film producer one day. After my time from the Armed Services, I changed career fields from a Human Resource Manager, Custodian of Postal Officers, and Executive Administrative Assistant to a career in Digital Film. I am an Associate Producer, Assistant Director and Production Manager. I have worked on over 20 projects in three years, ranging from product commercials for HSNi, feature films and indie short films. 

When In Egypt

First Assignment

Make Haste

In 2014, I managed military postal operations for the American, British and Canadian nations stationed in Egypt. What is now known as ISIS began to control sectors of the country – including roads that our mail and supply trucks used. Large mountain ridges, beautiful but dangerous, are of abundance in south Egypt. That summer, a horrible rainstorm swept through the area and flooded the ridges. Our roads became impassable and our mission was placed on hold indefinitely.

Mail equals positive morale. Just because our mission from our North and South Camps halted, we still received mail at the airport; and we only had enough room to hold mail for a total of 3 days. I had to find a solution and fast

Looking at what we had available, I convinced the higher authorities to allow us to deliver mail by utilizing our helicopters, a twelve-seat personal jet, and a Czech cargo plane. It took three months of instilling this new transportation plan before our roads were deemed safe and passable once again.

In a mission that started in 1981, never has mail been transported into these camps utilizing the methods that I put into place. But it saved us from shutting down and disappointing a lot of soldiers and their families. Still to this day, this method is used as needed by the soldiers stationed in Egypt.

In my first paid gig after internship, the director asked me once to procure an aircraft for one of our film projects. “You want, an airplane?” I asked him, completely bewildered. Straight-faced, he replied with a nod.

“Our script doesn’t have an airplane,” I pointed out. Not only was our filming scheduled in five business days, but it didn’t appear that we had the budget to utilize an airplane.

But he simply shrugged and told me, “Just see if you can make it happen.” I called him three days later.

“I got us an airplane.”

3:00 P.M. in a hot warehouse. The director has fallen behind by four hours, and this is our last day at this location.

This particular warehouse is large enough to host two different production sets for us. But with one camera, we can only use one at a time. Or can we?

Turns out, our behind the scenes photographer has the exact same camera that is being used to film this student short. I tell our BTS man that he’s just been upgraded to camera operator. I send him and the director, along with my own sound equipment and a PA onto our second production set to film those scenes.

I then step in as the director for the other scenes already being filmed. We coordinate our scenes based on the actors that we need, and viola.

Six scenes were completed within two hours, putting us back on schedule and allowing us to wrap up a half hour earlier than expected. We didn’t go over schedule, and we didn’t go over budget.

I want to hear your story or idea. Let’s work together and create something fun and meaningful. Contact me below and I will get back to you within forty-eight hours. Can’t wait to collaborate!

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